Q: Doggie Toy Dilemma

October 5, 2008 | By Beth R. | 4 answers | Expired: 2668 days ago

Beth  R.

My 7 month old puppy, who is now about 70 pounds, is having a toy dilemma. He likes pliable toys that he can chew on. He is not a fan of Kongs or other heavy rubber toys. He is tearing up the softer, preferred toys, and last week had ruined two new toys in less than 24 hours. He chewed up a little leather pillow and went completely through a think nylon rope.

Let me add, he used to love raw hides, but not cries and whines until we let him out to bury it, which we don't want him to do.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a pliable, maybe floppy, dog toy that he won't be able to destroy in a day or two?

Thanks, all!

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Rhonda Hughes

Oct 05, 2008

Try Tuffies. You can buy them at your local pet supply store or from www.mydogtoy.com
They are the tuffest "soft" dog toy on the market. See the website for more details. My dog loves them and doesn't destroy them very fast. Some of my friends dogs haven't destroyed them at all.

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Linda C.

Oct 17, 2008

The key is to make a big deal out of whatever toy you would like him to like. You can stuff treats inside kong or other stuffable toys. You can try flavored nylabones (my dogs love those, or stuffed natural sterilized bones (they come in cheese, hickory, beef, etc.) The above are the only toys I give my dogs (Labs and Shepherds) because they are such voracious chewers. Also, try having your dog around a dog who likes to chew on toys. My friend's dog never chewed on any toys at home, but since she has been coming here and being with my gopher-dogs, she is now chewing on their toys happily! Good luck.

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Oct 08, 2008

We found with our bulldog that the rubber stuff and the nylabones were really the only thing she could not destroy. As she got older she got better about not killing them so fast. but we just decided to only buy toys that were a dollar or two so at least it wouldn't be that big of a deal when you buy them. Rope toys are usually fun for her too and that takes a while for her to chew up. we even got a basketball and she killed that...we won't do that again..lol.

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