Q: Doggie Sprinkles?

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There are doggie sprinkles that are diffrent flavors and they flavor their food I was wondering if this would help a pickie eater be more likely to eat cause Cricket my grandma's poodle is quite pickie but I am not sure yet if it is pickieness or the fact that she has seperation anxitey but if it is pickie eating will the sprinkles help?

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Apr 10, 2012

These products are designed to make food more palatable and encourage a picky eater to want to eat their food. They don't always work because some dogs are just not going to like them. They also make gravies that can be spooned over food to induce eating. Again. not all dogs like them. If you can find something she really likes, cooked chicken, broth, etc., just adding that to her regular food will probably encourage her to eat. Maybe she really just doesn't like the brand of food and she needs something different that will appeal to her taste buds more. If her problem is separation anxiety, typically she would eat with gusto when she's with the person she's attached to. Usually separation-induced anorexia occurs when the pet is separated from their person of attachment.

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