Q: Dog whisper and victoria

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Dog whisper and victoria

I use to watch ceasar and loved what he did but then I stopped watching, started watching victoria and I love her technic more of rewarding . Today I was in shock when I saw ceasar using an e-collor and choke chains.He seems so harsh ,now to me It just seems sad to know he would us such things.
Great input I kinda agree , I think I would like to try a e-coller and a choke chain to see how this feels to see if this dogs feels the pain as I imagine.

Mary every one hasthei ropinion, I love ceasar for the many dogs he has rescues and I have seen many of his show, 2 days ago I saw the epesode of him using an e-collor on a dog later I saw the epesode where he was using a choke chain dog looked scared I actualy can hear the chain as he pulls or the thump when he uses his hand and sound and I know victoria condones those things.I see nothing but possitive from victoria. Ceasar has even left a toy poodle with his tail between his legs looking scared. To each is own. Like one who answered said just take what you can use from both.

Jezygirl, I am so sorry to hear about your dog.

I feel excactly what azzurrapl said in her posting.

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Jun 04, 2009

I like Cesar and his family alot. He is a kind person and loves dogs. I know he believes what he is doing is the best for the dogs he has in his care. I also watch Valerie on TV - she uses Dr. Dunbars positive training methods and likes to stay open to see what other trainers use to get their successes.
The difference between the 2 TV celebrity trainers is one uses correction to stop bad behaviors and the other one tries to stop bad behaviors before they start and praises good behaviors. I was in LA walking the dogs during the Adopt-Tour.... I saw Cesars collars and he was even there giving little training sessions..... he is trying to help dog owners.... but, when I was given a rather obnoxious dog to walk - they wanted me to use one of their collars and do the ssshh - and yank correction.... I immediately told then I had been trained to use a different method and used the "watch me" and then the crazy walk to get the dog focused on me.... our walk was great and I ended it telling some other people who were doing the "sshh" and yank method that wasn't working what to do.
Cesar does wonderful things for lots of shelters around CA..... so in no way am I trying to downplay his work - however... he never actually got training and never took the APDT test - so when someone is trying to decide what to do with their dog - I would say "never try anything you see on TV" - cal around - go to the APDT website - find a trainer that is certified and go for actual training. Cesar would tell you the same thing. I applaud Cesar for doign everything he does to help dogs.... But, I like Valeries method better...... and so do all dog behaviorists. It is not a myth or a lie - but dogs do have feelings and many of them actually get injured with harsh training methods.
On another note - I did try an electronic collar on my arm and ended up in the ER with 2nd degree burn - I had it on 7. when I got the burn. I would not recommend doing it to yourself - I still have a scar on my arm.

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Jun 04, 2009

Sorry, Mary, I have not seen an episode of Ceasar's show where he was "kind" in rehabbing a dog. And I watch them directly from the Nat Geo site, you tube or Hulu. He has started adding more postive reward based methods after MULTIPLE dogs were killed at his "rehab facility" but to me its too little too late. Also search for the multiple news docs that question his methods. While you are at it-count the number of times he has gotten bit! That is just what they don't edit out! That right there is a huge red flag something is wrong in his methods.

He does not understand dog psychology either...if he did he would not be using the methods he is using. I also saw one episode where an Australian Shepherd was fear agressive towards visitors-he entered the house without the owners (obviously with their permission) and lasso'd the dog with a slip lead and was dragging it around the house. Unreal.

People treat Ceasar Milan like a god...he is just a poor excuse for a dog trainer. Victoria is much better in realting to the dog psychology and actually training the dog and the owners. She even has her own message baord that she will answer you personally AND you can talk directly to the owners of the dogs on her show.

Read the Whole Dog Journal interview with Victoria for May 2009...it will really make sense.

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Jun 05, 2009

I really like Victoria Stilwell the best, I just don't agree with either one that dogs dont belong in ore beds at night.

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