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April 9, 2010 | By Meghan S. | 2 answers | Expired: 1677 days ago

Meghan S.

Me and my husband have been wanting to go to a dpg show but we dont know how to go about finding one.We live in delaware which basically never has any type of events wheather it be dogss or sports.....so where can i find a dog show that is near by but not half way across country... the reason we want to g because we want to add another dog to our family and would like to check out some dogs being and ask questions

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daryl b.

Apr 10, 2010

contact the akc and give them the area that is close to you. they should be able to send a list of shows for the area

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Stephanie  C.

Apr 10, 2010

That is a great way to learn about dog breeds. Check out Onofrio.com. This is a national listing site and promoter of AKC dog shows. There are different kinds of shows, so reference Onofrio and AKC.org to learn all you can.

When you go to the show, look in the show book to see which breed is showing in which ring, at what time. Remember that these people take it very seriously. If you try to talk to them ringside, when their breed is in, you will probably be snubbed. Don't take offense, they just have to watch what is going into and out of the ring. Even if they just walked out, they may have to go back in.

Watch and wait politely. Find someone who doesn't look totally absorbed and start asking questions. When the breed is done, the judge will hand out ribbons. When the people start to wander away, decide who you want to follow back to their crating area and talk to. Be extremely polite - always ask to pet any dog, ESPECIALLY a coated breed that requires grooming. Start out with "your dog is beautiful, may I pet him?" This will get them talking to you.

Be prepared for the third degree. These people want to make sure their dogs will go to a good home. You should expect to tell them everything about your lifestyle. Do you have kids? Do you plan to? What other pets do you have? Why are you interested in this breed? Will you compete with your new dog? etc, etc, etc.

Also, be perisitent. If you only talk to the breeder once in a blue moon, you will not seem serious. Bring pictures of your other dogs, or past dogs. This will show them that you care enough to show off your dog. Ask when and where they are showing next. How many champions they have, which of these dogs they have with them is a champion.....and who they know who might have dogs available. They will want to know whether you will be a 'pet home' or a 'show home' - whether you prefer a dog or a bitch and why, and what age you want. There will probably be someone who knows someone who has a finished champion that is ready to be placed in a pet home.

This is the right way to go - be persistent, patient, and polite, and you will soon be on their 'good dog owner list'!

Good luck!

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