Q: Dog jealousy / Growling behavior

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My BF and I adopted a third dog from the local SPCA and we're already having issues. My other two dogs(shih Tzu - Lhasa Mixes) are only a year old and we've had them as babies. Our new dog is a 5-7 yr olds (SPCA estimates) Yorkie Mix. He was just abandoned but seemed to have come from a decent background since he's housebroken and knows most basic commands. Our only two issues seem to be the incessent barking and his jealousy. The biggest issue is his jealousy and growling at the other dogs. He wants to sit on our lap but when the other dogs want to sit on the couch too he growls and snaps at them. He growls at my boyfriend and I when we try to pick him up and put him in his crate because of his behavior. He's snapped at our one dog cause she was trying to play with him. Otherwise he's a really nice dog. Any advice??

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Amber M.

Sep 24, 2008

When our latest rescue started this we would put him on the floor the minute that he growled. After afew minutes of holding the other dog we would invite him back up. After a few tmes he realized that if he wanted to be with the family he had to be nice.

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Sep 25, 2008

I agree with the posts, and especially think you should watch Victoria Stillwell in "It's Me or the Dog." She goes into situations like these all of the time, and the shows run on Animal Planet. I have learned so much!
Number 1: You are the Alpha in your house. All dogs need to know that you are. BF is Alpha too, no difference. People are Alpha, then dogs are below you.
Regarding the sofa, Stand up whenever he acts bad while on the sofa. Don't sit back down until he backs up or sits down, signalling that he is aware that you want something from him. Repeat the process until he is able to get on the sofa without growling, snapping or biting. Be patient, but firm and quick.
When the new dog becomes more at ease in where he fits into the doggie chain of command, he will begin to bark less. If he barks when you are home, leave the room, or remove him from that room, but don't put him in his crate. It needs to be his safe place.
The black MinPin just "found" us last month!

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Lynn C.

Sep 25, 2008

First, don't use the crate a punishment. This is to be used as a safe place. It sounds like the yorkie is not being nice because he wants you all to himself. My Duchess did this with my hubby when we got her and to this day she will still sometimes growl at Dixie if she is sitting next to her dad. What we did, and still do, is tell her no and demand that she sits on the floor, not next to my hubby. Your yorkie needs to know that if he wants to sit with the family, he has to behave himself. Good luck.

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