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I was just kinda wondering how much is the cheapiest type of dog food without corn and what brand is it we are trying to figure out all of the costs before we decide to keep Abby and she likes the pedigree but I know it has corn and is not the greatest dog food in the world is there something close to pedigree that costs about the same or something like ceaser's that costs less these are dog foods that have been donated by petco to rescued paws and we are using them cause that is what we were given but now we have discovered Abby happens to really like this food this is her soft food I need prices for soft food we already know what to do for the dry food but she isn't fond of dry food so we may not buy it if we keep her just the soft food we are trying to find something that she likes that the price is not too spendy and food with out corn in it we don't want to drive all the way from where we live to costco or we would go there for dog food but gas is spendy and we would drive all the way there just for dog food so some where closer is better so I just need to know dog food prices?

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Jul 31, 2012

Prices are going to vary according to area, so it's difficult to give you a set answer on price. It's always best to avoid the "grocery store" brands. Not only do most have corn and other grains, they also have other fillers and preservatives that can be harmful to animals. You have to look at more than the price too. Higher quality food may cost more to buy, but animals eat less of them because more of the food stays in the body for fuel so you are actually buying less food and spending less money. The Chicken Soup foods are good quality foods and relatively inexpensive compared to other premium foods. My dogs and cats all eat it.I buy it online at MrChewy.com. It's about the same price as I would pay at the feed store, but I don't have to drive over there and it's tax free online. Go to the Dog Food Advisor website and get a list of grain-free foods. They're all 4 and 5 star rated. From there you can compare prices online to see what each costs.

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Aug 02, 2012

Next time you're at Petco just look around. Along with price, check the weight of each food. Some bags may be priced cheaper until you see that there's a pound or two less food. If Abby is a smaller dog {sorry, I haven't been keeping up on things lately!}, then the price shouldn't differ too much to matter b/c it'll last longer. Juno was between 40 and 50 pounds when we had her and always needed to gain weight so she was going through almost a bag a week, every other week at most. But if she was supposed to be a 40 pound dog and not a 50-55 lb dog, it'd have cut the amount by almost half.

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Lisa B.

Aug 13, 2012

When you have top quality dog food your dog eats less of it. Also, if you dog likes to eat it's poop . . . your dog good is lacking in some nutrients. If a cat is eating the litter out of the litter box (not poop) the actual litter it means they are lacking nutrients and may have been poisoned and are bleeding internally. Anyway, Call of the Wild is my favorite least expensive dog food.

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