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Barbara B.

I have this neighbor that has owned a pit bull puppy and they built it a nice house so it can be mostly chained outside. After having that puppy for a few months (maybe 6 months) they didn't have it anymore. Then about a month after that one was gone they got a new pit bull puppy and it was sooo small. I asked them if it was a pit because it was extremely tiny. But then they told me that it was only 4 weeks old. I don't think you are able to bring home a puppy away from it's litter at that young of an age. So they had that little puppy for a few months and then it disapeared once it started getting bigger. Then I started thinking why do they keep getting Pit Bulls and once they start getting a little big then they don't have them anymore. I started thinking: Can they be raising dogs for Dog Fighting? I don't think they have the dog fighting happening in their backyard but they could be raising them for it to happen somewhere else. It's been really cold so I am thinking maybe they do not have dog fights in the winter. But I think they will get another puppy once it starts getting warm again next year. What do you think??? Can these people be raising dogs for Dog Fighting??? Who can I talk to about this? I know nothing can be done now because they don't have any dogs right now. But if this happens again next year when it starts getting warmer what do I do? I love Pit Bulls and this is putting a bad reputation for the dogs and makes them aggressive for people not to like them and then they end up staying in the shelters/ rescue groups.

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Nov 21, 2008

Be very careful and let local law know about it. Also, there is an organization moving to get dogs off of chains called Dogs Deserve Better. They have helpful hints to encourage better treatment of dogs.

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Nov 30, 2008

I'm not sure what state you are in but some states don't allow ANY dog to spend more than a certain amount of time per day chained up. That's what first comes to mind. Check here for that www.dogsdeservebetter.com/laws.html
Just calling animal control won't do anything unless they are CAUGHT breaking a law such as an anti-chaining law. A paper trail is what you need for starters. You need to log what you see going on over there. Start with what you remember and write that down. You want dates and pictures if you can get them. What dog did they get on what date and until what date was the dog there? That's what you want to log. When you have info that VERIFIES a pattern, as the one you describe, then you have something to go on. Local animal control agencies aren't the most helpful. I think you might get more response from local rescue organizations like Pitbull Rescue Central www.pbrc.net/info.html or HSUS www.hsus.org/acf/fighting/dogfight/
Be vigilant, be couragous and don't give up if you think something is going on, which it seems there is. But don't confront them head on with any type of accusations. That won't make things better and will only serve to make you enemy number one with these people. It's better to be 'friendly" with these people even if you would rather strangle them. Bring biscuits, bring a blanket offer food, anything to gain access that could help you to offer comfort to the dog. In the meantime, silently gather your info and report it when you have something to substantiate your concerns. Then you've got something to go on to take to authorities. Don't just report to animal control or police, find out if shelters in your area employ humane officers and then report to them with your info. If they won't do anything then rattle their cages by going over their head with bad publicity (letters to the editor) and then get in contact with people at the grassroots level of animal rescue in your area as well as from the bigger groups like HSUS, Dogs Deserve Better, and Pit Bull Central for support and advice. of others who will hopefully battle this with you. In the meantime, just do what you can in a friendly manner to provide comfort to the dogs all the while doing your investigative spying and logging. It usually takes some time and patience to assure that something gets done, but ask yourself, are the animals worth it? And if not you, then who?

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Dec 02, 2008

They might be raising them for dog fighting, no you can not take them away at four weeks, or they might be foster parents if they were gone that Quickly. Hope this helps!!!!
You might want to try talking to them about it.

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