Q: Dog attacking it's own foot?

April 20, 2011 | By Ches21 | 2 answers | Expired: 1747 days ago


On the show AFV there is a video they show where there is a dog that attacks it's back foot everytime it sees it's foot moving towrads it's bone it is chewing on. So I was wondering what this means when a dog does this?

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Apr 25, 2011

The dog's eyesight could be failing. Sometimes blind dogs, or dogs losing their eyesight, will become territorial due to the stress of not having one of their senses. In turn they can snap at sudden movement or touch, even if it's their own leg. The stress makes them act first, think later.

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Breezy P.

Apr 20, 2011

I don't think this is what you are talking about, but I know a Beagle that would always chew on his paws, turned out to be allergies. Benadryl 1/2 of a 25mg tab 2x a day did the trick. But I think what you are talking about it more like the tail-chasing phenomenon.

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