Q: Does your Blue Heeler destroy stuff?

December 15, 2008 | By Alyssa1991 | 15 answers | Expired: 2189 days ago


My Blue Heeler is a lovely dog. When we got him from the pound, the people kept warnimg us that Blue Heelers like to rip your house up. So far he has gotten a slipper and some stuffed animals, which is typical. But I'm going to adopt another and am not sure if my current Blue Heeler is a dud or if the people at the pound are right... help?!

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Dec 17, 2008

The best dog I ever had was a blue heeler. He was turned into a shelter when he was 6 months old because the owners said he was destructive. After seeing him at 3 separate adoption events we took a chance and adopted him. We did have some issues at first, but not from chewing, it was from getting out of the yard. He had managed to get under a fence that was poorly secured consequently he spent some time in 'doggie jail' at the local pound. Once we secured the fence and put him on a regular exercise schedule (walks and runs in my parents large yard)we did not have that problem. It also helped that we got him a friend to play with and burn off that energy.

After he turned 2 years old, he became really laid back. He was still full of energy but not like when he was a puppy. Also he was very easy to train, he listened and responded to commands. He wasn't a barker or a biter and he got along with other pets in the house (dogs & cats).

I say get the second one. You won't regret it.

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Mary  A.

Dec 16, 2008

I agree with Jennifer R. Heelers are herding dogs and need lots of exercise. A friend of mine has a geriatric Border Collie, a breed which also requires lots of exercise to prevent household destruction, with which she made a deal early on: the dog gets one run a day in a nearby field and, in return, the dog doesn't destroy the house. The deal has worked for 11 years. A Heeler, like a Collie, requires a commitment of exercise, but if your dog receives this small commitment from you he will be a superb pet.

Also, scan the internet for entertaining dog toys. Kongs filled with peanut butter are an example, but there are other "brain toys" for dogs. And be sure to rotate the dog's toys every few days so that they seem new and exciting.

Good Luck!

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Jodi S.

Dec 16, 2008

Any active dog is capable of ripping things up, but if you provide appropriate chew toys and crate the dog when you can't watch them it should be fine. My 9 year old ACDx still loves to shred toys and toilet paper rolls, but she's learned not to rip up everything within reach of her mouth.

If you exercise both dogs mentally and physically and do plenty of training, you can be successful with any new addition as well as the current one.

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jennifer r.

Dec 15, 2008

They are a "working" breed. High energy is one of the typical traits and not enough exercise is the leading reason for behavioral problems with any breed. Since you have a dog with an extremely high energy level, bred for herding and not getting tired out to quickly you will need to give your new pet a ton of exercise. A tired dog is a well behaved dog, running every day and plenty of appropriate chew toys! Kongs filled with peanut butter and frozen are great and provide tons of entertainment time!

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