Q: Does your area have a mandatory spay/neuter law?

June 24, 2009 | By E G. | 8 answers | Expired: 1968 days ago

E G.

Is it working? Are there "cons" as well as "pros"?

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Jun 25, 2009

I wish we did. At least something temporary until we can get a hold on this overpopulation situation. Very soon they are going to require breeders to have permits to breed and the cost from what I've heard is $5000.00 per female. I think at least this is a step in the right direction and should knock some of these horrible "backyard breeders out of business.

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Jun 24, 2009

Gawd! I wish!!! but I did recently learn that kittens or cats that are adopted by ppl from animal control, have to be fixed,first by our local SPCA and then the new owners are charged.

If all of the rescue groups/volunteers focused on Spay/Neuter,we would have less sad stories. Many of the rescue groups adopt out kittens that are not fixed.arrrgghhhhhh! and when I suggest waiting until they are fixed ( 12-15 weeks or at 3 or four pounds ) they act like I'm the bad cop.

In my opinion nothing should EVER be adopted unless it is fixed. NOTHING-

It should a law.

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Jun 24, 2009

Thank goodness we don't have one.

The problem with Mandatory Spay/Neuter laws is that it covers ALL animals-not just the strays and the ferals. In fact the strays and ferals with no owners get off without being fixed!!! So where is the problem?

I think the problem is not with people not sterilizing their dogs its with poor ownership. Shelters have been over run with dogs abandonned or turned in due to negligence. These same people that leave their dog out in the yard on a 2 foot chain will NOT fall under the laws-mainly because the laws go after people that license their pets with the town or city. Do you think negligent owners will license their dogs??? No way.

Also these laws turn neighbors against each other-you have an issue with your neighbor-well turn him in for having a dog with testicles! The penalties are harsh too-fines up the wazoo (to justify the town's overinflated budget) even your dog getting seized by animal control...which brings me to my next point-

-Laws like these give AC officers the power to break into my home and steal my dogs based on the fact they are not fixed. Even if they are in perfect condition and health...solely on that. No search warrant either-think this sounds proposterous??? It happened a couple months ago in Kentucky to a pair of Mini Schnauzers.

If someone isn't going to get their pet fixed a law will not change their mind...unless someone turns them in. If people keep their intact animals outside with no food or water they shouldn't have the animal period.

Not only that the "breeder" exemptions set standards for people that run the equivalent of puppy mills...grated floors, drainage systems, concrete kennels-um excuse me?! My dogs live IN MY HOME and my puppies are raised underfoot with constant attention. I would have to move to have ONE LITTER of puppies.

So yeah many cons...though much like the Delorean Car, the Beta tape player, and Enron, spay/neuter laws look a lot better on paper than they do executed.

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