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My dad's cat Tickles is a sweet lovable siames mix and she looks like she is horriably overweight. My dad doesn't over feed her and she is outside running around alot chasing the neighbor's pigoens. But every vet he takes her to says that she is healthy and not overweight and that there is nothing wrong with her. I no longer know what to believe I know that Tickles acts healthy and happy and even plays with my dads dog Shasta. But I am not sure if she is Healthy or not so here is a picture of her you be the judge. Let me know what you think? There is a picture of her on my profile page. So let me know?

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Apr 10, 2011

It's a little hard to tell from her position, but she really doesn't look overweight to me. There's shadowing on her flank which indicates she has curves there as she should. Her torso does look bulged out, at least in this photo. Not all animals are built the same but the vet should know if she's a good weight or not. He can estimate the amount of body fat from an exam. That's a more reliable test than her shape. Also, as cats get older, they sometimes have a little more saggy skin around their chest & tummies. It's may make them look fatter, but it's usually just skin.

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maddi g.

Apr 05, 2011

She may look a little pudgy, but my cat does too. I think she is very healthy!

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daryl b.

Apr 08, 2011

some animals like people have chunky builds. i would try not to wory if the vet says she is ok

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