Q: Does Sears take pet photos?

March 29, 2010 | By Nadine O. | 3 answers | Expired: 2127 days ago

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Nadine O.

I have gotten portraits from my local Sears store in the past and they came out great, but I was wondering if they would take pictures of my dog and I, or just my dog. If they don't, are there any chains (not private photographers) that do take pet photographs?

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Mar 30, 2010

I am not sure about Sears. I did ask at Target and Walmart both and they do not, due to the fact that they sell food. I know that Petco and Petsmart do usually around the holidays but I believe they also offer photography periodically through out the year. The best bet would be to call places in your area to see if they do, when, and the cost. Good luck finding someone.

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Denise L.

Mar 31, 2010

Thye might...I think JCPenny's does...but, then again, my friend works there & they might have allowed her to bring her dog in...

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Michele Z.

Mar 29, 2010

Unless you have a service dog, I would presume the dog would not be permitted into the store--even to get photographed! ( I don't know of any other chains that would, but I'd also presume they do not allow pets in the store.)

You could, however, watch for your local shelter sponsoring pet photos with Santa or Easter Bunny, and those are typically taken at PetCo or PetSmart!

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