Q: Does my cat need vaccinations?

June 27, 2010 | By Mary T. | 1 answer | Expired: 2036 days ago

Mary T.

Does my strictly indoor cat really need so many vaccinations for diseases she will never be exposed to outdoors?

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Discuss your cat’s lifestyle and vaccine regimen with your veterinarian — right from the start and during regular visits. Some cat “shots” can be eliminated but others are required.

Among the diseases for which kittens and adult cats can be vaccinated are these: Feline chlamydiosis, feline panleukopenia, feline viral rhinotacheitis, feline calicivirus, rabies, feline leukemia virus, and feline infectious peritonitis. Some require annual revaccination, to maintain protection. Others, such as the rabies vaccine, last longer.

Your cat’s vaccine schedule is “negotiable” only to the extent of the law (rabies vaccination of all pets is required by law in some jurisdictions) and the laws of probability. What are the chances, the one time your cat gets out of the house, that it will contact a diseased cat?

Discuss, listen, and take your vet’s advice.

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