Q: Does anyone know where I can find something that can keep the humidity in my hermit crab tank up?


I’d like to find something to hang from the back wall that I can spray with water and they could climb on it. I’d love to not have to move anything to put it in there too. I thought about get some type of net and filling it with coconut shavings or some type of coconut woven mat and hanging it on the back but I’d like some other hermit crab safe ideas too.

Here is what the tank looks like www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW3mE7yn1PI

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Stephanie  C.

Jul 05, 2010

Maybe look in the garden center at your local store for a moss or woven matt, chia-pet type thing. I dont know much about hermit crabs, sorry. A fern of some kind?

Good luck!

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Lisa B.

Jul 05, 2010

A big thin block of styrofoam.

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