Q: Do you think it's a good idea to get another dog even though i already have one?

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Do you think it's a good idea to get another odg even though i already have one, he might become jealous?

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Marta J.

Apr 27, 2008

Believe it or not dogs do not get jealous. What is actually happening is they vie to see who is the alpha dog. If an owner is a strong leader that helps ( a lot). When an owner gives one dog affection it's normal for the others to try and push their way in. Again normal behavior. If one gets to aggresive, it's up to the leader( that would be you) to put a stop to it right away, very firmly. I have 3 pit bulls and sometimes a guest dog that I'm sitting for. I NEVER have any trouble, because they know it's just NOT allowed. So yes, if you think you can do that then go ahead and get one. Different breeds interact differently, so maybe you'll want to think about a breed that is something like what you got. As the Dog Whisperer say be calm and assertive

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Brian  K.

May 06, 2008

I got my Suzy Q and waited a little over a year before I got Chz. After a month I wish that I had not waited so long.

Introductions is the most important step. If you don't intro them correctly then the bonding may not ever happen. A nice long walk before you enter the house is a great way to go. Not just are they bonding on a walk but they are tiring out and will be more receptive to training... which would be the intro.

After a walk then let them have a little face time. When I mean little... I mean little. a 3 second sniff while on leash and then pull away. Allow them to still be around each other, but not enough to get direct contact. 3-4 feet away they will be able to get a good sence of each other.

Keep giving some more time and then let them get to know each other, i.e. sniffing of places. If all is good I always walk in the front door, then directly out the back door, if they are backyard dogs.

If all is good let them play. When they come into the house don't show your new dog more attention than the 1st one. Remember, this is his/her house... not the other dog. If the new dog is scared don't even pet the dog. This may give the dog the okay to be scared. Let the dog come around in their own time.

Now.... this is important to know. They will have to find thier order. They might get into a couple scuffles. This is normal. It does not mean they don't like each other. Give it some time. We say 3-4 day and the dogs get use to each other. These are the hardest day on the dogs and the humans.

I personaly don't allow my new dogs (fosters) in the same area as Q and Chz while I am not home. The new dogs are crated. I do have a dog named Jive in long term Feral Foster right now, but it took a couple months to get to trust her.

Good luck in finding the right dog. Puppies are hard, but maybe a good way to go as well.

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Carly T.

Apr 29, 2008

The dog shouldn't get jealous as long as it still gets lot of attention. What you should worry about is how your current dog will treat the new one. Sometimes dogs will show aggression towards new dogs. You should have your dogs meet before you decide to adopt. If the response is good go through with the adoption. Getting another dog is not a bad idea. It will give your current dog a friend and playmate.

Well Good Luck

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