Q: Do you have any suggestions for building coroplast cages?

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My friend is building a coroplast cage for her two guinea pigs. I would like any suggestions or recommendations from anyone who has built one. I've heard that there is a recommended grid type to use. How deep should the sides be? How do you cut and attach the corners? Where did you buy your grids? What size is best and how big is too big?

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Kayla L.

Feb 05, 2010

really? With all your piggies? lol they give most of the suggestions at www.cavycages.com grid sizes are typically 14 inches and they have recommended amount of space per guinea pig there. the side lip depends on the age of the pigs. If they are younger they need it deeper so they don't try to stick their heads through the squares in the grid and get it stuck. All my pigs are adults and I have the lip at about 4 inches. If you go any lower you will end up with poo on the floor because they kick it up when they run.
It's fun making these things. I've been through at least 5, making multi level cage for a single pig, two pigs, open air 1 level for 1-3 and larger L shapes with and without tops. I just took the top off the 2x4+2x4 "L" yesterday because it was getting too difficult to clean with my back.

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