Q: do you have any advice on a nippy chihuahua?

August 5, 2008 | By Bailielaukala | 2 answers | Expired: 2290 days ago

do you have any advice on a nippy chihuahua?

My chihuahua can be very nice sometimes then she can be nippy at other times. It needs to stop. Any suggestions?

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Marta J.

Aug 05, 2008

When is she most nippy? If it's while you are holding her and she gets like that, put her down right away. She will learn that if she wants you to hold her she can't nip. Her aggression is caused by something you are doing. She needs boundries and limitations. Most people give affection before discipline. By discipline I mean no yelling, no hitting, but not letting her rule anyone. Training her to commands is a good start. If she needs physical discipline then you lay her on her side or back and hold her there until she gives it up. She may have a hissy fit the first time, but don't give in or she will have won and then things could get worse. The holding is what a mother dog uses when a pup is out of control. That is the kind of thing a dog will instinctively know oops I did something wrong. I use this with my puppies even they are now one year old. It's amazing how well it works. My house is actually peaceful with 2 dogs and 3 cats. No yelling!

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Aug 05, 2008

When is she nippy? Please send me a message I would be happy to offer some suggestions. My little girl IG started out with us as a hair puller! Toy dogs can be sensitive to over correction, so my best advise without much info is to have options from the gentlest to harshest corrections and start gentle. Like I said, if you can send me a message with more details I can be more specific with my advise.

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