Q: Do Vet pathologist experiment on animals???

September 1, 2008 | By Cdargan | 1 answer | Expired: 2702 days ago

i was looking up some careers and saw vet pathologist. they are people from what i have read they study animal diseases and they help animals and human with trying to find cures. so i assume they study animals infected with a type of disease by dissection and giving animals medications hoping to find a cure. does anyone know if they test human products such as medicine on them or patholgist just use various animal medication on the sick or healthy animal.

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Robyn W.

Sep 01, 2008

Many pathologists work for labs analyzing samples. For example, if your dog has a strange growth and your vet cuts it out, she then sends it out to the pathologist so she can look at it and tell your vet what it is (like if it is cancer or not). These people are usually veterinarians who chose to specialize in pathology and they have little to no contact with animals or clients, they just work in the lab and communicate with the vets who use their services.

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