Q: Do I really need multiple litter pans for my cats?

June 27, 2010 | By Mary T. | 1 answer | Expired: 2039 days ago

Mary T.

If I have two cats at home, do they really need two litter pans?

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Multiple litter pans for cats are indeed necessary. In fact, two cats really need three litter pans.

The rule of thumb (paw?) is one more litter pan than the number of cats. You still need to keep all litter pans as clean as possible. Daily is ideal, though most of cats’ human companions (admittedly) are not perfectly ideal.

Our contractual bargain with strictly indoor cats is a finely drawn one. We don’t let them go out. They agree to the (generally) fastidious and reliable use of some pretty artificial toilet arrangements: basically a pan of gritty stuff.

Keeping an extra litter pan — clean and accessible— can be a useful buffer in those trying times.

House soiling is one of the biggest “killers” of cats —and a leading reason why people give up on otherwise-healthy animals. Clean and accessible litter boxes can make all the difference.

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