Q: Do any of you know what's a good flea shampoo for cats?

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My cat has fleas and their all jumping everywhere and bite me 24/7 it's really annoying and I get very itchy I have already bought him this one shampoo for his stupid fleas but it didn't work at all and I don't want to go around spending money so can someone please tell me which flea shampoo for cats really DOES work!?!

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Jul 10, 2009

Hi Zooters,
Two things here.

1. I highly recommend to get over to your vet and purchase from Advantage. It will cost a bit, but it is VERY effective! It kills the fleas they have and the eggs they are carrying.
2. If your cat ingests any of these fleas or eggs, chances are they will now have tapeworms as well. Tapeworms will require a de-wormer, which you will have to obtain from the vet as well. One surefire way to know if your cat has them would be to see segments near the anus of the cat. These segments may move around if recently passed, or if dried, they look like small grains of uncooked rice or like sesame seeds as you would see on a hamburger bun.

3. To give yourself a little peace, I also recommend purchasing Johnson's baby shampoo and getting an extra hand to help you.
Bathe the cat in a sink or in a plastic tub. The shapoo will slow down many of the fleas, but for every fleas you see - there are probably 5-10 more that you don't see. The shampoo will also help kill them, so the longer you keep your cats body immersed in the soapy water - the more you will kill.
Fleas are NOT stupid. They will instinctively migrate to the head where you won't typically get the cat wet ( thanks to kitty protests ) - partticularly under the jaws. This is where you will need a 2nd hand.
Using a pair of tweezers, pick the fleas off one by one and deposit them into a small container full of a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. Depositing the fleas into the solution will drown them and kill them so that they don't have a chance to get away.
Be prepared to do this for awhile. I had some kittens recently, and a friend and I spent 2 hours doing this to get as many of the fleas off, since kittens under 12 weeks can die from flea treatments.

Be advised, fleas and tapeworms can severely

PS - I accidentally flagged this and could not cancel it. Please pardon my error.

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Jul 14, 2009

Hi! Go to www.PetEdge.com, they have very good products and are very reasonable. Also, as I've done feline behavioral counseling for over 20 years, PLEASE KEEP YOUR CAT INSIDE! You might think they REALLY want to go outside, but for them it's just like another room. Case in point: when I open our linen closet (which is closed all the time, as soon as I open it (or any other door that is normally closed) at least one of our five cats runs in there. I also have to be extra careful when I open the door to our attached garage. All it takes is for the cat to see something of interest (even with a fenced yard) you never want to take the chance he or she will take out after them. Once they're gone, it's the not knowing how they are that will eat at you for life. And I do hope your cat is microchipped--just in case. We have five cats, all microchipped, but the only time they are out of our home is in a secure carrier.

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marie D.

Jul 10, 2009

A friend told me Dawn dishwashing liquid was good for getting rid of fleas. It is used to wash oil off of sea birds. I haven't tired it, but I will the next time my cats get fleas. I resorted to the pet pesticide because the fleas had become quite a nuisance to my kitty but I wish there was another more natural way to get rid of them. I can't believe how hard it is to kill fleas!

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