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November 18, 2010 | By OokiePanda | 1 answer | Expired: 1891 days ago

I have a kitten who won't use the litter box. He seems to be afraid of it. Every time he is sniffing around, or in some cases about to do his business somewhere undesirable, I set him in the litter box. Sometimes he will finish there, but most times he will stop what he's doing, get out of the box, and go back to the undesired spot. His sister learned quickly, but he won't. Any tips? Thank you!

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Nov 22, 2010

are they sharing a litter box? some cats demand having their own and if another cat uses it, they'll opt for a new undesired spot.
how young is he? if he's over four months, have him neutered. this won't stop the problem right then and there, but it will make training him a lot easier.
clean all the affected areas w/an enzymatic cleaner such as nature's miracle or zero odor. to find them all, you may need a portable hand held black light. pour the enzymatic cleaner on the spot until it's drenched and let it air dry. proceed to cover the areas w/aluminum foil - which you'll want to leave there for 2-3 weeks to deter him from going again.
has he been to the vet yet? stress and infections are the leading cause for this problem. he may have a bladder, kidney, or urinary track infection - something very dangerous for cats if left untreated, particularly kittens.
if he's healthy, lock him in a room w/food, water, and a litter box. toys, too! keep an eye on him and place him in the box after he's had naps, played, eaten, or drank a good amount of water. keep him in this room for at least a week. he'll be fine. his sister can even come in every day to play, just don't let her use his box.
be very gentle about getting him into the box - you may even want to lure him in w/a toy. when they're plunked into a box, it can freak them out - making them want to run away. you want the box to be a comfortable spot, not a scary one.
keep working w/him. some cats just take awhile. also consider what litter you're using. does it have a strong smell or create a lot of dust? you could try a clay litter or that pine litter or even potting soil to get him started.

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