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Anyone here with a dog who has Cushings? My 12 year old terrier has it, I am watching her waste away. We tried meds & they just did not work. I don't think she is in pain but wasting away. I cant bare to have her put down yet. My vet says she is in no pain, what would you do?

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Jill R.

Apr 08, 2008

Cushing's Disease is horrible, the good news is that there is a new treatment that seems to work very well. The problem is that you have to have your vet ask the FDA for permission for it because its a drug only found in the UK. But, please don't give up hope. Lots of dogs do fine with appropriate treatment. I would recommend to have your vet refer you to an internal medicine specialist. Its the same as you going to a specialist if you had a certain type of disease (like an oncologist if you had cancer for example)

This will give you a little bit more information:


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