Q: Cricket's Food Habits?

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Cricket is myi grandma's poodle and she will not eat something if she doesn't like it even if it is the only food she gets she will litteraly starve herself for days and weeks until the food is something she likes the vet says she is healthy and I know she is cause she does not act sick at all. But even though she eats she does not eat very much and even though she is a miniture poodle she should be eating more than she is for her size. It seems like her taste buds change alot and like you can't feed her dog food she won't even touch the cat food over there. So I would like to know is there a way to stop this and what kind of food could my grandma get for Cricket that she would not change her mind about after a couple of days of having it and so that she would eat more.

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Mary C.

Jul 05, 2010

If the vet says she has no medical concerns pick one good quality commercial diet (dry, canned or a mix of both) and put it down for her. She will hold out for her favorites, which might not be so good for her but don't give in, she won't starve herself, eventually she will eat. As long as she continues to drink there should be no concerns.

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Jul 06, 2010

she's picky, but she's not going to starve herself just b/c she's not getting her way. a hungry dog will eat anything, but you have to let them get that hungry or they'll never accept the switch. this may mean she won't eat for a couple of days, then she'll finally eat one good meal of what is given her and maybe not eat again for another couple of days. however, i promise you and your grandma that if you don't give in - no treats, no nothing - that she'll eat the food on a regular basis. it just may take a few hungry days to get her there.
for some reason, most dogs will choose purina one over other kibbles. especially their lamb formula.

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Krazy For Pets

Jul 09, 2010

Agreed with Mary C. and you can also schedule the feeding time. Put the food out for her once in the morning and once in the evening for about 20 minutes each time. If she doesn't eat her food in that windows, take her food away and store it somewhere she can't reach. Put the food out again at the next feeding time. She will eventually learn.

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