Q: Creepy Crawley?

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The other day I was dusting and I saw some huge black spiders with small white smiley faces on their backs and I have looked and looked and I still can't figure out what they are I wanted to know since they had fangs how dangerous they are and what they are I got rid of the ones I found I didn't want to but I also really didn't have a chioce the back is mostly black with two white dots above a line the line is shaped like a smile does any one know what it is I want to find out before I continue dusting just in case there are more if this helps I live in the northwest so please help me out if you know do you know?

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May 18, 2012

It sounds like a jumping spider. They're very common in the U.S. They're not dangerous to people. They can bite people but it's rare. A bite might hurt a little and you might get a little redness or a bump, but that's about the extent of it. I suppose there is always the chance someone could be allergic and have a more severe reaction.
Here's a picture of one: yhoo.it/LjSnA0

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May 21, 2012

Sounds like a jumping spider to me, too. We get a bunch every year at the back door. The babies can slide through the cracks and it's usually the cats who spot them first. The babies carry more venom than the adults {helps them protect themselves}, but our cats, who are always trying to bat them around, never seem to get bit. I'm sure some have been eaten, too. They're harmless.

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