Q: Counter Surfacing to the Extreme

May 4, 2013 | By SarahTheScientist | 0 answers | Expired: 997 days ago

This is kind of an odd situation. I have a chocolate lab/pitbull mix. Halo is the absolute sweetest, friendliest thing and loves every single person she encounters. I'm away at college and Halo stays with my parents. They love her as their own, as she basically is anyway. For about 2 years, she has had a "counter surfing" problem. My mom will leave a loaf of bread out or the top of a butter dish off. She'll climb on the counter and eat it, or just pull it down. She is not overweight, not underweight, and she is fed regularly every day. We even upped her food lately (with permission from the vet), but she still eats ANYthing she can find.

My parents are out of town currently and Halo is staying with my sister and her two dogs. They all get along easily. My sister has to leave Halo in the house because she will jump over the small fence to explore. So, over the last 2 days, Halo has eaten a loaf of bread and a bag of chips, pried open the lid to the dog food, and emptied the recycling bin. My first answer to them is to always eliminate the problem and hide the food, but obviously my sister thought the dog food was safe in a tight lidded bucket. I understand that this can be uncertainty and maybe even separation anxiety, but why does she do it at her regular home too? We're all so tired of her doing this, and while we reprimand her, nothing seems to stop her from doing it. So...

HELP, please!!

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