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Breezy P.

My dog Romeo has had a reoccurring cough for the past few years. Usually it only last a few seconds at most, twice a day at most. Starting two weeks ago, it became severe. He was coughing constantly, he couldn't sleep, and would still cough while eating. I immediately took him to the vet and he was given antibiotics and cough suppressant. Eight days later, a rash developed on his right upper leg, and his eye became swollen, and his cough had still not gone away. He was able to sleep through the night with only waking me up 2 or 3 times at this point, so it was getting slightly better but still worrisome. I took him back to the vet immediately and the vet put him on a second round of the same antibiotics he was on last time, but doubled the dose, and added a "broad spectrum" antibiotic as well. The vet also said the eye and rash were both unrelated to the cough. The rash was said to be a reaction to his rabies shot given in February. The swollen eye was written off as a battle wound, as we do have other pets and they do occasionally get in fights. We were given eye drops and a medical cone collar to prevent him from further irritating it. A few more days passed and Romeo is still having all of these symptoms and I am very worried. If you have any clue what could be wrong, or any remedies or ideas, please let me know. I really need your help! Thank you so so so much.

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Apr 30, 2011

My dog, Lucky had the same thing. I took him to at least 4 different veterinarians and, who gave him all sorts of things, including cough medicine. Finally, the coughing became almost non-stop and took him to back to University of PA Veterinary Hospital, which is one of the largest hospitals of its kind in East Coast. This time because I complained that no one really helped my dog, the Senior Prof. of Cardiology took a look at him thinking it might be his heart and finally, after many tests found that my dog's cough was due to fluid around his lungs from a respiratory problem and apparently when this fluid builds up it pressed against his trachea, which made him cough. He prescribed Furosemide, which is a water pill and Theophilline for the respiratory problem. Within a few hours of giving my dog this medicine, the coughing stopped. That was over a month ago. My dog does have to be regularly tested for kidney problems because of the water pills, but so far no problems. I hope this helps. I suggest you take him to a cardiologist to rule out heart problems and maybe let him or her know what this doctor prescribed for my dog. Good Luck!

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Nancy C.

Apr 21, 2011

Did your vet test for any type of tick borne illness? The rash could be something related to that. I had a dog who was a rescue and she had similiar symptoms...turned out to be related to two tick illness...plus a double ear infection. She had to be put on several different antibiotics before we got one that worked. Also, it very well could be a bad allergy to something in the environment...like food or even bedding your dog sleeps on. I had a cat who was actually allergic to walking on certain types of cat litter...took forever before I finallly figured it out. Coughs can be a sign of cardiac issues as well (such as heartworms). Dogs can get the rashes from a variety of things such as flea bites or just very dry skin. These are easy to self treat. I would not self-remedy since it could be so many things and your Romeo has several areas of the body being affected.

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Apr 25, 2011

Perhaps try another vet for a second opinion. These are all fairly common symptoms that can range a great deal of problems separately. If they're related that should cut it down quite a bit, but if they're isolated problems occurring at the same time {which can occur due to a compromised immune system} they'll all have to be treated separately. Nancy is right though, it could be from a tick. Best bet is to see a different vet, a reputable vet that you've heard many good things about.

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