Q: Christmas Shopping?

November 28, 2009 | By Ches21 | 3 answers | Expired: 1839 days ago


For christmas I wanted to get Shorty and Teddy some catnip mice but I want the ones that are made out of rope for them and I use to see the toys everywhere but now I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find them?

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Dec 11, 2009

The Toy Shoppe brand at Petsmart used to carry them but I don't know if they still do. Drs. Foster & Smith have some nylon rope ones with feather tails. Here's the link:


kundercats.com has Jester mice & Corded mice.

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Linda B.

Nov 29, 2009

I have the same problem - find a toy the cats really like and then can't find it any more. I usually go on-line to save going from store to store. Drs. Foster and Smith and Petco have good websites.

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Nov 30, 2009

i think i know the ones you're talking about. the ones i'm thinking of are made by Booda. here they are:


and i'm pretty sure i saw them in Big Lots the last few times i shopped there.

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