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Do they make Chocolate for animals you know like fake chocolate cause real chocolate can kill them if you give them too much. I was wondering cause around the holidays I always like to give Skitters some holiday treats sometimes I make something myself but other times I just buy the holiday dog treats in petco and in december she gets candy canes she loves candy canes, but for the other holidays I was wondering if there was something like doggie chocolate that I could buy for her, I also will take some to the rescue dogs at rescued paws so does anyone know?

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Sep 14, 2011

They do...kind of. Do an internet search for "chocolate dog treats". Usually the chocolate is replaced with carob icing, but I did see one that uses white chocolate, which isn't really chocolate and is only very mildly toxic in large doses.

Milk chocolate is also safe for animals when given in small doses. For instance, if you had a chocolate bar you could break off one or even two of the small segments for Skitters. Baking chocolate and dark chocolate are what are truly toxic to animals, but milk chocolate is such a diluted form that it would take more than a whole bar to harm Skitters. My animals particularly love chocolate ice cream so I'll give the cats about half a spoonful and Tosca will get a couple spoonfuls. Just be careful about gourmet chocolates or chocolate syrup, b/c some of those will use baking chocolate and the labels can be tricky to understand.

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Breezy P.

Sep 16, 2011

White chocolate is fine for dogs. There's still a lot of sugar, so I would recommend to only give in small doses. Hope this helped!

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