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Skitters has a big red bump atop her eye lid she had another one on her other eye that popped and she had blood in that eye for about a week then it cleared up but this one she has now seems to be growing getting bigger so is this cherry eye? Does she need to see a vet?

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Dec 22, 2011

Cherry eye is caused when a gland in the third eyelid prolapses and becomes visible. It looks like a red mass in the inner corner of the eye. She definitely needs to see a vet whether it's cherry eye or not. You need to find out what it is and rule out a tumor since cherry eye kind of resembles one. And if it is cherry eye, it needs to be corrected. Once the gland prolapses it is exposed to the air and all the irritants floating around. It can become infected, swell, and dry out. This can be very irritating and she may scratch it at some point causing even further damage, including an ulcer.

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Dec 22, 2011

I took in a guinea pig to the vet with what I thought was cherry eye. Her upper lid, near the inside corner of her eye looked like it was prolapsed. With dogs or cats, a vet can try and gently push it back into place. Sometimes it requires surgery, depending upon the severity of it. My vet gave gently worked it back as much as it would go and gave me a sterile eye wash and showed me how to use it to clean out the eye. He also had me apply an ointment to it. He said guinea pigs are too small to do surgery for it with guaranteed success but dogs and cats can have it surgically repaired. I'd have it checked to make sure an infection doesn't set in, to see if it can be reinserted if it is a prolapse and to look for something that might be in the eye. My vet thought that Moo might have gotten a piece of hay in it and wanted to make sure it was cleaned out.

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