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My dog loves all kinds of cheese especaily string cheese I would like to give it to her for treats because it is cheap and always already in the house when she is out of her own treats and I can't make it to the store but the thing is will she get constapaited from too much cheese or not? also is there a way to prevent her from getting really gassy from eating the cheese?

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Emily M.

Jul 22, 2009

I've been a vet tech for almost four years and can not tell you how many times I've heard the doctor tell owners NOT to feed their pets ANY people food.
Feeding them these kinds of foods can cause SOOOO many health problems.
They can begin having problems with allergies. Allergies will make them itchy, lose their hair and became very smelly. Not fun to deal with.
They could become overweight. This will shorten their lives and the heavier they are, the harder and more painful it will be for them to get up and move around as they get older.
If you don't have any dog treats in the house try feeding the carrots or green beans. One medium carrot has around 10 calories in the whole thing, And a 1/4 cup of green beans have about 9 calories.
The worst problem, in my opinion, would be a pancreatic issue. It could cause vomitng and diarrhea and can be VERY expensive to treat.
I think your best bet would be to just stick with a high quality dog food such as Purina Pro Plan.

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Jul 23, 2009

i would not recommend giving your dog cheese on a daily basis in place of treats that are meant for dogs. I have given my dogs cheese from time to time and never had any problems, but I have never given them enough that I was concerned about consitipation. There are many healthy dog treats available today. There are also other ways to reward your dog rather than always giving treats (e.g. praise, extra attention, a belly rub). Your dog should be getting enough to eat with her food and I don't recommend overdoing it with the treats anyway, as your dog could become overweight.

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Theresa L.

Jul 23, 2009

On another website, it stated not to give dogs cheese, or any dairy products, they don't digest well, and for some reason can cause worms. So, in my opinion, which is by no means professional, my dogs get NO people food whatsoever, but like emily said, carrots and green beans and an occasional piece of banana.
You can also go to navaeh's site here on zootoo, she has some great dog treat recipes, and when you make them, you're spending a few dollars on TONS of treats that you can freeze! :)

Here's here site: www.zootoo.com/profile/navaeh

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