Q: check out this elephant painting!

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the elephant actually paints an elephant!

copy & paste: wimp.com/elephantpaints/

my mom sent me this in utter amazement. my theory is the elephant painted something they've seen drawn already...the addition of flowers and land at the end hint at that, among other elements. elephants are very intelligent and can separate between themselves, their species, and the world around them. what's impressive about this painting is that the elephant can see a vague outline and distinguish what it's meant to be.

*on a side note: my mom has a painting by the first known painting elephant that she's looking to sell. like every other elephant painting {aside from the incredibly talented elephant in the video}, it's just a bunch of colorful smudges. still very cool though. it was done by ellie {i think that's her name} at the toledo zoo. if anyone is interested in buying it, please contact me. this painting was given to my cousin when he worked at the zoo and he gave it to my mom. it's profits do not encourage animals abuse.

* * *wonderweezy made an excellent point regarding elephant abuse. i can't say that is the case for this video, but i did question it when watching. when wild animals are trained to do something against their nature, it is very common that abusive methods were used to get them to preform.
however, this particular task demonstrates the animals intellect and is still an incredible thing to see.* * *

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Denise L.

Aug 02, 2009

Please know that many of these poor elephants have been brutally abused & trained/forced to do this. The Elephant Sanctuary in TN used to sell Tarra's paintings (which were, of course, not done by force), but ceased selling them in protest of this sort of issue. Please spread the word that this is not something that should be seen as cute, as it involves abuse, particularly in Thailand. Check out www.elephants.com for more info.

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