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October 16, 2008 | By HAMHATTIE | 9 answers | Expired: 2248 days ago


I just LOVE Cesar Millian but his products are expensive! Come on--$80 for a dog bed? Does Cesar price his products or does Petco? Cesar if you are reading this PLEASE lower your prices-- the average dog owner can't really aford your great products. LOVE YA CESAR!!!!!!

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John H.

Oct 16, 2008

Prices can be insane. But you need to think also about, will spending more now, save me more money later. With a bed, will spending more for a dog bed now, be worth it down the road? The same goes for dog food. Quality dog food can actually save on vet bills.

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Oct 18, 2008

I'm not a dog owner (yet) but here's a thought. Maybe google on Cesar and see if you can send his site a direct e-mail about his product cost at Petco. Maybe you can shop on his website also - could be less expensive - no Petco overhead. Also, I order my cat food through my vet because it's less expensive. My cat litter is cheaper at Safeway.

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Oct 17, 2008

Petco is just expensive. Period.

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