Q: Cats who live with birds?

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A potential adopter is interested in one of my foster cats - a one year old inquisitive and playful male who can also be very shy and cautious at first, but shows a lot of interest in watching the birds outside through the windows.

As my boyfriend took this call, I don't know how big or small the bird is, and I don't have a way to test Nugget with birds. All I know is that the bird leaves the cage for a period each day, but I don't even know if the wings are clipped or not. We'll learn more about this bird when the lady calls back today.

So my question is: How do cats normally do with their first pet bird experience? Small birds I'm sure are out of the question, but what about amazons up to macaws?

Would a 10 pound cat be dumb enough to go after a large macaw? And would a "smaller big bird" such as an amazon still be too small?

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Jan 18, 2012

My sister has two dogs, a cat and a cockatoo. All of the mammals are afraid of the bird. It's really funny. None of their cats have ever bothered Chico because he's almost as big as them. My niece, who doesn't live there, has a dog that was aggressive with Chico so he has to stay in his cage when she's there.... I grew up with canaries, finches, parakeets and a dog and cat. Our birds were never outside of the cage with the cat around. He did have access to the kitchen, where the birds were and would watch them, but he never harmed them. We also had a fish tank that the cat would watch. We had to keep it covered because he'd stick his paw in the water.

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Michele Z.

Jan 26, 2012

Whenever Liberty Valiant (Golden Pheasant) hung out in my back yard, the neighborhood stray cat would stand near it and never bothered the pheasant. I think size does matter when considering IF a cat would get along with a "bird" of some kind.

I think it would be "psychological abuse" to subject a cat to a small caged bird. The small bird would be the cat's "prey" and the cat probably could never be trusted to be left unattended with the bird.

In regards to a larger "bird", I think cats can live in harmony with them.

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