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I have 2 cats, Lily and Dakotah. Lily isn't declawed yet because I am super broke and I caught her scratching in my brand new apartment...(with a $200 deposit per cat). I want ALL of my deposit money back. What are some creative ways to keep her from scratching the door frames? I can't afford to get her declawed so does anyone have any creative, cheap ideas to keep my munchkin from scratching?

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Jun 07, 2009

Declawing is CRUEL!!! How would you like it,if I cut your fingertips and nails off?!

You need to return the cats to whoever you adopted from. Like lions,tigers and all felines,housecats "scratch" it's in their nature. Get a scratching post trim their nails every two weeks or don't have cats.

Shame on any vet who declaws cats or kittens. It should be illegal-

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Jun 07, 2009

You can try to trim their claws, also there are caps that fit over the claws, they really don't work that well so wouldn't advise buying them, but invest in cat scratching posts...
It is very painful to remove claws from a cat....
When my murphy "powers up" as i call it, he has his own rug, and cat scratch posts....

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Jun 08, 2009

Cats need there claws! It is there way of marking there territory! One thing you could do to keep your cat from scratching the door frames is at almost any local grocery store, in pet sections, you can find sprays that are all natural and are designed for only animals noses. The oder is not smellable in all areas of the apartment and will definitely keep your cats away from your door frames. Good luck :)

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