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My cat urine ph is very alkaline, even after changing her diet with special vet prescribed food. What can this mean and how can I get the ph back down? I am unable to get her to the vet until Sat. at which time blood and xrays will be taken

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Mar 17, 2008

This info was copied from this cool website. Check it out and see if it helps ya.


Reducing struvite in the urine

Struvite crystals are made up of magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate. The main dietary factors which appear to affect the development of struvite crystals are magnesium concentration, urine ph, and water consumption. Diets formulated to contain moderate to lower protein levels, lower magnesium levels, and, with increased urine acidifying potential, help minimize formation of struvite uroliths (stones).

Cats who are on diets designed to acidify the urine should NOT be given additional urinary acidifiers.
Urine pH: Although decreasing the amount of magnesium in the diet may have some effect on struvite formation, acidifying the urine has much more. The recommended urinary pH for cats is 6.0-6.5. The FDA will allow statements such as "reduces the urine pH to help maintain urinary tract health" on cat food labels. The claim can only be made if adequate, controlled studies were performed to demonstrate that consumption of the product results in an appropriately acidic urine. Since too much acidification of the urine can result in serious health problems, data to demonstrate safety of the product are reviewed as well. Feeding directions need to state that the product is recommended to be fed alone and should be made available throughout the day. Also, the nutritional adequacy statement on the label must be for adult maintenance only. Since the safety of these products for kittens and pregnant or nursing queens has not been established, the FDA recommends that these products not be used for these life stages.

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