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May 23, 2009 | By Meghan S. | 12 answers | Expired: 1933 days ago

Meghan S.

i just adopted a new kitten and ive been trying different cat litters i was wonder what anyone would suggest that would eliminate the odor of the cat box ive tried arm n hammer but it still smells bad please help

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Jerry M.

May 24, 2009

We swear by fresh step (multiple cat/scoopable clumping)... Sometimes we have gone with other brands since they are cheaper. But my wife has a sensitive nose and the other ones are horrible smelling. Tidy cat especially.

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Colleen H.

May 28, 2009

We use Fresh Step multi-cat scoopable and find it controls odor better than others.

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May 23, 2009

I have tried many different ones but always go back to Tidy Cat..

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