Q: Cat "kneading" with back paws?

September 6, 2009 | By Samantha | 4 answers | Expired: 2331 days ago


One of my cats, when he's "kneading" us, kneads with both his front & back paws.Like he'll knead a couple times with his front and then he'll knead with his back paws then his front and so on. It's a quirky, cute little behavior he has. It kinda looks like he's bouncing his little butt.Like when he does it with his back paws he uses both back paws at the same time. But I just thought its funny, I've had cats my entire life and I've never had one that did that before. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen a cat that does that before?

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Sep 07, 2009

Yes, we found a sweet all black kitten that grew up to be a wonderful mom/gramma cat, She was very nuturing and would knead my back if I laid on my stomach to watch tv. Mostly it was front paws but often she's sort of walk in place, loved it!

You're so lucky!!!

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Michele Z.

Sep 06, 2009

Yes, but I refer to it as kneading and "prancing". Some cats apparently do this when they are extra happy and/or excited. As Martha Stewart (sp?) would say, "And that's a good thing"!


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Sep 13, 2009

No but im sure its a very good sign that hes very affectionate towards you :)

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