Q: can you cut ferret nails?

August 31, 2009 | By penny m. | 3 answers | Expired: 1901 days ago

penny  m.

Loveable crestal has nails that are vary sharp. And I want to cut them but I dont know if I can.

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Aug 31, 2009

Yes you can clip ferret's nails. I just used my regular nail clippers on my ferret but be careful not to cut too short. Just like in cats and dogs, if you cut the quick (that's where the vein runs into the nail) there will be bleeding. It's a good idea to get Styptic powder from the pet store in case you do so by mistake. Just dip the nail in the powder and it'll help stop the bleeding. Putting a teaspoon with some gooey 8 in 1 Ferretvite between my knees always kept my ferret busy licking at her favorite treat while I clipped. She hardly knew or cared what I was doing.

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Katie M.

Sep 01, 2009

Yes, you can. Just be careful not to cut the quik. I used to put s treat on my ferret's stomach to keep her busy while I clipped them. Good luck!

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Sep 02, 2009

Yes you can cut your ferrets nails....
As other answers, make sure not to cut into the quick (pink of the nail) It's easier if you have one person holding and the other cutting, but i would just tempt them with their treats when i was cutting their nails.

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