Q: Can they get sick?

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If a pet is grieveing over the loss of another pet can they get sick when they are grieving?

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Dec 12, 2011

Our pets experience grief in a similar fashion to humans. Depending on their attachments, they can become depressed, stop eating, lose interest in their favorite activities and toys, become more clingy, disoriented, or listless. If there are health problems anyway, your pet is of advanced age, or if they refuse food for too long, there could be problems associated with their grief process, but typically they don't become ill in a physical sense. If your pets are exhibiting any of the signs of depression, be sure to provide them with more attention and affection. Also encourage them with activities like hiding treats in treat balls and around the house for them to find, Use their favorite games and toys to lull them out of their funk. It will probably take time, but keep on with the attention and distractions and they will eventually get through the grief process.

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Dec 15, 2011

Yes, though mostly I see long lengths of depression, which can be confusing b/c the animal may act like they're sick. I always give mine a few days to a week to really grieve, while I do the same, before forcing them to be active again. Which actually helps me while I'm helping them. If it lasts longer than two weeks, consider taking them to a vet. It may take months before they're back to their old selves, but you'll want to look for a little improvement every week. See if you can take Skitters for car rides if it gets too cold to walk her.

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