Q: can my dog eat strawberries and black berries?

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Will he get sick? i use frozen fruit to make a delicious alcohol free summer cocktail and was making one the other day and dropped some of my fruit. Maverick Being the little vacuum cleaner he is inhaled them before I picked them up. Then whined for more and followed me around while I drank my drink. I read the other question about food and it said fruit is good but seeds are bad so I didn't know where the berries fell in that respect. Anyone know? He didn't get sick and seemed to really like them and i thought maybe i would put some in ice cubes (he loves to play with them and eat them) for a healthy treat for him.

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Sep 03, 2009

strawberry and blackberry seeds are so small as to not cause an issue. Occasional berry treats are fine, as long as they are unsweetened. The big danger for fruits are grapes.

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Sep 03, 2009

All I have heard to avoid for fruit is grapes and apple seeds, stems, and leaves. My dog steals my strawberries out of the garden, and he hasn't even gotten an upset stomach from it.

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Stacy H.

Sep 05, 2009

I sure hope they are not a probmlem for dogs, because one of my dogs eats blackberries right off the bush, picks them herself. I have also read dog recipes that include strawberries, so I think you will be fine. Grapes can actually shut their kidneys down. I just read Pet Food Nation and according to this book we should be introducing more natural foods to dogs and cats diets. On a side note I would love your recipe for a non-alcoholic beverage that has blackberries in it, they are my favorite.

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