Q: Can I apply Neosporin to a wound on my cat?

May 7, 2010 | By Tina P. | 8 answers | Expired: 2094 days ago

Tina P.

It seems something has bitten Smokey and I want to know if I can put the Neosporin I would use on a human wound on his bo-bo. Can anyone answer this question ASAP?

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Gail S.

May 08, 2010

I've read all sorts of answers on line and even some from Veternarians that say Neosporin is okay as long as you do not use the one that has the pain relief ingrediants in it. I always recommend that at least you call your Veternarian's office for their advice. My Veternarian will always talk to me over the phone at no cost and I have peace of mind where the advice is coming from. If you know what bit Smokey (pet or bug) you may also want to report that to your Veternarian. I hope all turns out okay for Smokey!

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May 10, 2010

NEVER EVER use hydrogen peroxide - on your animals or yourself. this delays the healing process b/c although it kills the bacteria, it also kills the skin cells. use witch hazel instead, and only use that for the first cleaning.
clean the cut twice daily w/saline solution, found in the first aid isle. use neosporin only if smokey can't reach it to lick it off, b/c you know that's exactly what he'll do. otherwise, just keep it clean w/the saline solution and take him to the vet if it starts to get infected. what i also do is supplement their food w/pure sodium ascobate to help w/their immune system. that's a pet friendly form of vitamin c, but shouldn't be substituted w/plain old vitamin c. you can get it at a health food store.
also, do not cover the wound w/anything unless instructed to by a vet. cuts need fresh air to heal best and if you're keeping it clean, there's no need for it. i think roz's book was referring to a severe gash, in which case you should see a vet. consider something along the lines of one cat i fostered, tuxedo bob, when his paw was torn open: www.zootoo.com/photo/pleasehelpthiscat?OXwyNzczMzR8bnxufG58MA==

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Roz A.

May 08, 2010

From my emergency first aid book: It says DO NOT USE any other antiseptic! Read the following...

1. Restrain cat if necessary
2. Clip the hair around the wound
3. Flush thoroughly by pouring 3% hydrogen peroxide into the wound. DO NOT use any other antiseptic!!
4. Examine the wound. If the tissue under the wound appears to pass by when you move the skin, the wound will probably need stitches. If the wound is discharging a foul-smelling material, it is probably abscessed.
5. DO NOT bandage! Allow the wound to drain unless there is excessive bleeding. If the wound does not bleed excessively, follow these steps:
a. Cover the wound with a clean cloth, sterile dressing, or sanitary napkin.
b. Place your hand over the dressing and press firmly.
c. Keep pressure on the dressing to stop bleeding. DO NOT remove! Apply more dressing and continue to apply pressure until bleeding stops.
6. If the wound is deep enough to require stitches, transport to a veterinarian immediately!
7. If the cat is not currently vaccinated for rabies, contact a veterinarian.

Hope this helps and that Smokey will be alright!!

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