Q: Can anyone recommend a powerful vacuum cleaner?

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It's spring cleaning time and I want to try and get ahead of the annual furry rug season that comes around when the girls start to shed. My best vacuum is getting a little old (it was a floor model in 1950). I have tried everything from stiff damp brooms to shop vacs but the rugs seem to grow breads over night.
Can anyone suggest a powerful vac that doesn't cost a months rent?

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Jill R.

Apr 07, 2008

I have heard that Dyson is really worth the extra money. I personally have yet to find a vacuum cleaner that really is amazing myself. I always get the ones that are $45 ish in price because I go through them so quick with all the hair in my house. One of these days though, I will have to try Dyson.

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Apr 11, 2008

I recomend the Dyson as well, but a warning! I work in an industry where I hear about carpets & home products and some carpet companies will not warranty their carpets if you own a Dyson because they are so powerful they pull up particles of the carpet that hold it together... THAT MEANS IT WORKS GREAT!!! But, if you have expensive carpets/rugs that is my warning - I do not have either expensive carpets nor rugs, so I'm good with vacuuming up my old carpet:)

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Apr 13, 2008

Bissell Healthy Home with Hepa Filter...works great with my Danes short hairs, as well as my grandpuppy's Husky fur. There's an attachment that is great for furniture and his beds. It's also easy to go from hardwood floor to ceramic tile to the w-w carpet and the rug runners...works everywhere.

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