Q: Calling all bird owners - lighting question

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Calling all bird owners - lighting question

What do you use for spectrum lamps/lighting for your birds cage? We've had a fluorescent tube lamp hanging on the wall but the bulbs keep flickering and dying out and we're looking for a new idea for a lamp. Any suggestions? Also most lamps don't come with bulbs and the cost is about $80 so a lamp with bulb included for less than that would be ideal.

Note: The light in his photo is actually from his long fluorescent spectrum light that hangs on the wall next to his cage and has since gone 'bust'. The way our ranch is configured we don't get sunlight through windows into the house in a way that would be beneficial to move him next to one. His cage is located in the corner of our living room next to the dining room so we keep a spectrum light on him. We have found one from a website that is about $40 with a bulb but I still welcome any input : ) Thanks!

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Mary C.

Mar 23, 2010

I have never had to use artificial lighting for my birds and I have been a breeder for many years. If your bird has adequate sunlight and the proper diet he should be ok without supplementing with lamps. The only time I did use lamps was when I had babies, to keep them warm and if I ended up with a sick bird. I used a reptile heat lamp fixture with a reptile broad spectum bulb ( depending on the bulb you choose, the fixture and bulb should cost no more than $30) or heat bulb (such as you would use for baby chicks- these should only be used for a heat source though) Placing your bird in a room with access to daylight should be enough, never directly in front of a window though, due to drafts and not being able to get away from the sun. If that is sunlight in your picture, it looks like your bird is in a good spot, and he looks like he's not lacking any vitamins by the condition of his feathers. :)

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