Q: Building Confodince?

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Abby is still nervous when going on walks I need to build her confindince some how Abby will not take treats of any kind and does not like them really all that much unless it is human food such as chicken or cheddar cheese Abby gets nervous in the cross walks and will walk even slower to the point that I wonder if I should carry her through the cross walk she also seems to get scared when semi trucks drive by and sometimes she will not move if there is a dog down the street in it's yard or on the sidewalk that she doesn't know I know how to take care of her getting along with other dogs though being scared of some of them I show her it's okay and she is okay but that doesn't seem to work with the crosswalks and semi trucks she is also scared of people when they go by on skateboards so what should I do to get her to build her confidince on walks?

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Oct 02, 2012

It's great she responds to chicken, that's a cheap, easy, and healthy way to train a dog. Start inside by training her sit, stay, come and whatever else you want {I suggested leave it in another question, which you'll want to lead into that by teaching "watch me"}. The more she learns with a positive experience, the more confident she'll get. Get plenty of training done inside where she's the most comfortable, then when you're walking her and she has a "moment", you'll be able to redirect her away from that stimuli and do a brief training session before returning to your walk. Get as far as you can with this before giving her the watch me or leave it commands in the midst of the activity. Basically, build her confidence and then start desensitizing her.

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