Q: Brown stains on dog's legs

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My very elderly dog has no teeth and drools. Her tongue is often dry. She licks her front legs and they are now stained brown as is her neck where she drools. My vet says not to worry about it. My other elderly dog, on the same diet, does not have this. I don't want to make a big fuss about it if the stains are not indicative of a real problem but if someone out there is familiar with this and/or has an easy way to eliminate the stains I'd appreciate it.

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Jill R.

Mar 27, 2008

Sometimes normal dog saliva can stain the color of white fur. However, the saliva may be dark in color if the dog has alot of bacteria in its mouth or even peridontal disease. Make sure to have your vet check your dog's mouth to make sure this isnt' the problem.

If the skin is discolored, not the fur, that could be more of a problem and you would want to have the skin examined closely by a vet.

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Mar 28, 2008

My older dog has brown stains on his legs from rubbing his eyes and getting that tear stained stuff on his legs.

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Shanna D.

Mar 29, 2008

Some dogs have seasonal allergies and bite their legs and paws. talk to your vet first but, you might want to think about starting your dog on benedryl and a bath everyother week with whiting shampoo

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