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Would you ever not spay or neuter your pet just becuase you thought it was beautiful and you wanted to see what the babies would look like? That is the problem with alot of people where I live they just want to see beatiful babies and then there are more homeless animals in the world. I know I wouldn't do this, Would you?

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Aug 30, 2011

Never ever. My animals are absolutely beautiful in my eyes, but who knows what their genetic background is like or even what their babies will look like. Genetics is the best argument you have for these people, b/c many defects are passed from grandparents to the parents and to the babies w/o ever knowing they exist. I don't even know any of my cats parents, let alone further generations. Breeders should know 3-6 generations and be an expert on pedigree prior to breeding.

Check out this page if you need ideas on what to say to those people: www.animalforum.com/dbreeddog.htm

Though I'm not entirely opposed to breeding, per say. I think those breeding for the health and temperament of the breed as a whole are doing a good thing. We need to keep the breeds healthy and hearty, especially with so many ignorant people breeding and destroying the gene pools.

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Aug 31, 2011

Never! I think all my babies are beautiful...I even have (or had) some purebreds and designer breeds (all rescues), but I would never breed them. They're all spayed and neutered. All the ferals I care for are spayed and neutered (and they're all beautiful too). In my eyes, all animals are beautiful and deserve to live, but because there are so many people out there who don't want to spay or neuter for whatever reason, hundreds of thousands of those beautiful animals die every year.

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