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I might need a tempoary foster home for Shasta until my dad can go home he had surgery and I will need this just in case I can't watch her until then what I need to know is I already know the rescue I work with can most likely do it if need be but what about cost I will most likely be asked to pay for food right or instead of that could I take her to a doggie daycare as if I were going on vacation I know of one that is local that doesn't use kennels unless they have no choice even then they try to look for other options but I need to know?

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Jan 14, 2013

Every place that boards is different with different prices. Some charge less for rescue groups, some don't. A lot of pet boarding places have decent sized rooms for the boarders and remote access cameras so you can monitor your pet from home or on the road. Some vets offer boarding. Prices and ammenities are going to vary by location so what I tell you is available in my area most likely won't be the same in your area. Your best bet is to ask around and find out what is available in your area. Ask rescue groups who they use and recommend. Do a search for pet boarding in your local area on Bing or Google. Look in the yellow pages either online or the actual in-hand book and find a list. You can look online for reviews of each business that you find to see what others say about them.

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