Q: Big Turtles and Their Docks

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I have a Red-Eared Slider turtle that is about two and a half years old. He is now close to ten inches and lives in a fifty-five gallon aquarium that has about six to eight inches of water in it with a tetra-whisper intank canister filter. However, he has outgrown every dock that we've had. I tried all of the floating ones that can be purchased, but every single one of them just sinks to the bottom when he gets on. I tried just putting several large rocks in, but he has trouble getting on and off. I would like to know if anyone has seen any docks that might work or has any ideas on how to make a better dock. Thank you so much!

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Tara C.

Apr 30, 2008

What we have found that works the best is a concrete block. The other way we have one of our turtle tanks is plexi-glass a portion off and have a solid area on the one side with rocks for the turtle to climb up to get out. How much water do you have in the tank? In the summer we have a kiddy pool in the front yard that we let the turtles be in. I hope this has helped. I don't know of any docks. You might be able to make one out of the blue stuff they use in walks to help insulate. It floats really well. We stopped using the docks ourselves. We have 8 red ear sliders and the docks just didn't seem to work for us.

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