Q: Bathroom Terrors?

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Abby had more than likely never been in a bathroom before I got her but even before she got her first bath Abby has been terrified of the bathroom I don't know why Abby hates the bathroom and she wants to be with me at all times when I am home so she sits outside the bathroom door and stares under the door until I come out which seems mean for me to be in there so long to take a shower I would love it if Abby would come in the bathroom with me willingly and not be so scared of it anymore when she is trapped in there for a bath she stays glued to the door until I open the door and let her out of the bathroom I would like to know why she is scared of the bathroom?
Also what can I do to get rid of that fear?

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Dec 21, 2012

Without knowing anything of her past it would just be speculation as to why she's afraid of the bathroom. In rescue you often have to use your powers of deduction to figure it out because we rarely know their history. Observe her and see if it's something specific that sets her off or if it's the room in general. It could be something in the lines of her previous owners used the bathroom as a means of confinement so she sees it as a prison. Or something could have happened in the bathtub. There are all kinds of people out there and who is to say someone didn't hold her under the water asa punishment? Or maybe while preparing for a bath someone dropped her and scared or hurt her. It's a guessing game and even though you'll have your theories, you'll never know for sure. Don't force her to go into the bathroom. That will just increase her fear. You go into the bathroom with the door open and just sitting and talking to her or placing treats just inside the door and near you. Reassure her and talk calmly and let her go at her own pace. It won't happen overnight and she may never overcome her fear depending on what emotional or physical trauma she endured there. If she doesn't, just accept her the way she is and allow her to sit outside the door when you shower. That may turn out to be as close as she can comfortably get. You might consider bathing her with the door opened and making bath time as pleasant as possible with treats and toys and other things that she loves. And don't over-bathe her. You shouldn't be bathing her more than once a month.

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