Q: Awnser's Needed?

December 5, 2010 | By Ches21 | 1 answer | Expired: 1877 days ago


Shorty's back feels wet and sweaty all the time now I don't know if this is anything to worry about or not? Should I be worried? is something wrong with him? Also how long can flea's live if they do not have a host cause Shorty and Teddy use to get in my closet all the time but now they don't and if I need to I will flea bomb the closet but first I need to know? How long can fleas live without a host?

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daryl b.

Dec 05, 2010

i am not sure but they will get on you too. take them to the vet to get dipped and while they are out of the house then do the bombing. you should get out too. also bomb places with no carpet. when you do the rooms with carpet they will run to another room. i would dump them in the toilet they could swim so i would be sure to flush imediatly

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